This fifth talk presented at the International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing in March 2003 at Hanoi deals with optimization of optical communications systems:

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Optimisation of optical communication systems by means of genetic algorithms (plan)
1. Description and modelisation of Fiber Bragg grating
                   1.1 Description of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG)
                   1.2 Refractive index of a Fiber Bragg Gratings
                   1.3 Coupled mode model and reflectivity coefficient
2. Resolution of the direct problem
                   2.1 Resolution of the direct problem
                   2.2 Examples of reflectivity spectrum
3. Description of different inverse problems
4. Inverse problem resolution by deterministic methods
                   4.1 The Born method
                   4.2  the GLM method
5. Inverse problem resolution by genetic algorithms
                   5.1 Description of the method
                   5.1 Description of the 3 evolution principles
                   5.2 Choice of the cost function
                   5.3 Choice of the search domain
                   5.4 Validation test cases
                   5.5 Construction of a low dispersion bandpass filter
6. Improvement of genetic algorithms: hybrid methods
7. Conclusions

Annexe 1: the coupled mode theory
Annexe 2: the GLM method