Laurent    DUMAS

  Main publications _____________________________________________________

1) "Diffusion de particules par un réseau d'obstacles circulaires"
(with C.Bardos et F.Golse)
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, tome 315, Série II, 1992.

2) "Systèmes dynamiques et équations cinétiques: résultats et perspectives"
(with C.Bardos, F.Golse et P. Gérard)
Les grands systèmes des sciences et de la technologie: collection Masson RMA, n°28, 1994.

3) "Corner flow jet interaction: computations and experiment"
(with J.F.Chauvot et D.Dupuis)
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 19, Oxford University Press, Vol 2, 1995.

4) "Modeling of slag deposition in solid rocket motors"
(with J.F.Chauvot et K.Schmeisser)
31th AIAA Joint Propulsion conference, San Diego, n° 95-2729, 1995.

5) "On the mean free path for a periodic array of spherical obstacles"
(with S.Dumas et F.Golse)
Journal of Statistical Physics: Vol 82, n°5-6, p. 1385-1407, 1996.

6) "Diffusion approximation for billiards with totally accomodating scatterers "
(with C.Bardos et F.Golse)
 Journal of Statistical Physics: Vol  86, n°1-2, p. 351-375, 1997.

7) "Remarks on the notion of mean free path for a periodic array of spherical obstacles "
(with H.S. Dumas et F.Golse)
 Journal of Statistical Physics: Vol  87, n° 3-4, p. 943-950 ,1997.

8) " Stochastic models to the investigation of slag accumulation in a large solid rocket motor "
 (with N. Cesco,A.  Hulin, T. Pevergne et Y.  Fabignon)
33rd AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, Seattle, n°97/3118, 1997.

9) "Homogenisation of transport equations"
(with F. Golse)
SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics Vol. 60, no 4, p. 1447–1470, 2000

10) "Hybrid method for aerodynamic shape optimization in automotive industry "
(with F. Muyl et V. Herbert)
Computers ans Fluids, Vol. 33, p. 849-858, 2004

11) "Optimisation de forme en aérodynamique automobile " (with V. Herbert et F. Muyl)
EDP Sciences, Mécanique et Industrie, Vol. 6 No. 3, 2005

12) "Comparison of global optimization methods for drag reduction in the automotive industry " (with V. Herbert et F. Muyl)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3483, p. 948-957, 2005

13) "Semi-deteminist method recursive optimization methods for multichannel optical filters " (with B. Ivorra, B. Mohammadi et O. Durand)
Numerical mathematics and advanced applications, p. 1007-1014, Springer, Berlin, 2006

14) "Semi deterministic vs Genetic Algorithms for global optimization of multichannel optical filters " (with B. Ivorra, B. Mohammadi, P. Redont et O. Durand)
IJCSE, Vol.2, p. 170-178, 2006

15) "How Genetic Algorithms can improve a pacemaker efficiency ", (with L. El Alaoui)
proceedings of GECCO 2007, p. 2681-2686, 2007.

16) "Multiobjective optimization of a coronary stent in a fluid-structure context " (with A. Blouza et I. Mbaye)
proceedings of GECCO 2008, p. 2056-2060, 2008.

17) "Inverse problems for blood flow simulation ",  proceedings of ENGOPT 2008.

18) "CFD-based optimization in Automotive Aerodynamics ", book chapter in " Optimization and Computational Fluid Dynamics ", D. Thévenin et G. Janiga Ed., Springer, 2008

19) "A fully Adaptive Hybrid Optimization of aircraft engine blades " (with B. Druez et N. Lecerf)
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 232, no1, pp. 54-60, 2009.

20) "How Genetic Algorithms can improve a pacemaker efficiency", chapitre de " Medical Applications of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation", John Wiley and Sons, p. 209-222, 2010.

21) "An evolutionary approach for blind deconvolution of barcode images with nonuniform illumination " (with M. el Rhabi, G. Rochefort), 2011 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), p. 2423-2428, 2011.

22) "An Optimal Reconstruction of the Human Arterial Tree from Doppler Echotracking Measurements" (with P. Boutouyrie, E. Bozec), proceedings of the 14th international conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation conference companion, p. 517-522, 2012.

23) "A generalized local gradual deformation method" (avec D. Ding et B. Marteau), Proceedings of  the 15th annual conference of the international association for mathematicial geosciences, pp. 699-702, 2013.

24) "Effect of  anterior corneal surface asphericity modification on 4th order Zernike Spherical Aberrations" (avec D. Azar, D. Gatinel et J. Mallet), Journal of Refractive Surgery, Vol. 30, issue 10, pp. 708-715, 2014.

25) "A generalization of the local gradual deformation method using domain decomposition " (avec D. Ding et B. Marteau), Computers and Geosciences Vol. 72, p. 233-243, 2014

26) " Uncertainty quantification of inflow boundary condition effect on pulse wave propagation in human arterial network" (avec A. Brault et D. Lucor) proceedings of Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering CMBE, pp. 754-757, 2015.

27) "A robust and subject-specific hemodynamic model of the lower limb based on non invasive arterial measurements" (avec T. El Bouti, D. Lucor), Journal of Biomechanical and Engineering, 139(1), 2016.

28) " Three-dimensional imaging of flat natural and cultural heritage objects by a Compton scatter modality" (avec S. Cohen , M. Nguyen, P. Guerrero),  Journal of Electronic Imaging. Vol 26 (1), 2017.

29) " Uncertainty quantification of inflow boundary condition effect on pulse wave propagation in human arterial network" (avec A. Brault, D. Lucor), International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 33, issue 10, 2017.

30) " A new volume-preserving and continuous interface reconstruction method for multimaterial flow " (avec J.M. Ghidaglia, P. Jaisson, R. Motte), International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol 85 (1), 2017.

31) " A new decomposition basis for the classification of aberrations of the human eye" (avec D. Gatinel et J. Malet),  ESAIM Procs. and Surveys. Vol 62, 2018.

32) " Polynomial decomposition method for ocular wavefront analysis" (avec D. Gatinel et J. Malet), Journal of the Optical Society of America. Vol 35 (12), 2018.

33) " Sensitivity analysis and uncertainties quantification on a DSMC code with chemical reactions" (avec M. Dramont et H. Mertz), AIP Conference Proceedings 2132, 070003, 2019

34) " An alternative wavefront reconstruction method for human eyes" (avec D. Gatinel, R. Rampat et J. Malet), Journal of refractive surgery, Vol. 36(2), p.74-81, 2020

35) " Curved interface reconstruction for 2D compressible multi-material flows" (avec I. Chollet, G. Lissoni, T.Corot, P. Hoch et T. Leroy),  ESAIM Procs. and Surveys. Vol 67, p. 178-190, 2020.

36) " A Graph Cellular Automaton with Relation-Based Neighbourhood describing the Impact of Peer Influence on the Consumption of Marijuana among College-aged Youths" (avec B.Y. Ruhommally et M.Z. Dauhoo),  Journal of  Dynamics and Games, no. 3, 277-297, 2021.

37) " Analytical reconstruction formula with efficient implementation for a modality of Compton scattering tomography with translational geometry" (avec C. Tarpau, J. Cerbeiro, G. Rollet et M.K. N Guyen),  Inverse Problems Imaging, no. 4, 2022.

38)" Modelling the Omicron wave in France in early 2022: Balancing herd immunity with protecting the most vulnerable" (avec B. Davido et M. Rottman), Journal of Travel Medicine, Volume 29, Issue 3, avril 2022.

39) "An analytical inversion formula for a Radon transform on a class of cones" (avec C. Tarpau, J. Cerbeiro, M. Nguyen, G. Rollet), Eurasian journal of mathematical and computer applications, Volume 10, Issue 3, 2022.

40) "Stochastic modelling of marijuana use in Washington: pre- and post initiative 502" (avec B.Y. Ruhommally et M.Z. Dauhoo), IMA Journal of Applied Maths, Volume 29, Issue 6, décembre 2022.

41) "Comparison of low degree/high degree and zernike expansions for evaluating simulation outcomes after customized aspheric laser corrections", Translational Vision Science and Technology (avec D. Gatinel, J. Malet et D. Azar), juin 2023.

42)Public health interventions to control the SARS-Cov2 outbreak in seven countries” (avec L. Josseran, D. Annane), hal-04439965, 2024.

  Other publications __________________________________________________________

· "Applications of DSMC methods to aerodynamic problems in an engineering context"
(with F.Coron, D.Dupuis, J.F.Pallegoix et B.Sportisse).
Congrès CEA-EDF-INRIA Méthodes de Monte Carlo et applications aux gaz raréfiés,Rocquencourt, 1994.

· "3D Monte Carlo simulation of contamination induced by shuttle RCS engines"
(with B.Delamare)
6th symposium ESA/ESTEC on materials in space environnement,  Noordwijk, 1994.

· "Action MACADAM: méthodologie et approche stochastique"
(with N.Cesco, A.Hulin et Y. Fabignon)
Journées R&T CNES  Fonctionnement des moteurs a propergol solide pour lanceurs spatiaux, Paris, 1995.

· "Prevision du dépot d'alumine dans les moteurs à propergol solide"
(with G.Lavergne, L.Jacques, Y.Fabignon et P.Bellomi)
5ème symposium international AAAF/ESA/CNES sur la propulsion spatiale, Paris, 1996.

· "Simulation numériques des écoulements diphasiques turbulents à l'intérieur du propulseur à poudre d'Ariane 5 "
Ecole CEA/EDF/INRIA Méthodes numériques pour les écoulements diphasiques, Rocquencourt 1996.

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